The Drift Collection is inspired by icebergs, the movements of water as well as the Mobiles of the Artist Alexander Calder. A Capsule Collection with beautiful natural materials like baby alpacawool,blends of organic cotton and wool and also with reused cashemere. 



Jungle Folk Summer Party

Jungle Folk Summer Party


Lass uns zusammen den Sommer begrüssen. 

Wir freuen uns auf viele schöne Gespräche 

zu erfrischenden Drinks, feinem Kuchen, Musik 

von der Singer-Songwriterin Ursina 

(ursinamusic.com) und 10% auf unsere ganze Sommerkollektion

13. Mai 2017, 14  –  17.00 Uhr

im Gartenhof, Gartenhofstrasse 1, 8004 Zürich

Let the summer in!


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Much of the global fashion industry is opaque, exploitative and environmentally damaging and desperately needs revolutionary change. We love fashion, but we don’t want our clothes to come at the cost of people or our planet.
— http://fashionrevolution.org/

This week is fashion revolution week. A movement that was born as a reaction to the terrible accident in the factory Rana Plaza in Dhaka, Bangladesh. On 24 April 2013 many women, men and children were killed and injured when the Rana Plaza complex collapsed.

The fashion industry is unethical, dirty and intransparent. After the oil industry, the fashion industry is the second most polluting in the world. That's why we want to come together this week as part of a global movement calling for a fairer, safer, cleaner fashion industry.

We need to act now.

4 things we can do to change the situation

RAISE AWARENESS. The Fashion Revolution has grown into a worldwide movement and people all over the world are raising their voices against how the fashion industry is run. Many people still aren’t fully aware of the conditions and the negative effects of the fashion industry so we need to keep educating and telling people.

ASK YOUR BRAND. #Whomademyclothes? Demand transparency and better working conditions from well established brands. Make our voices heard. The bigger the movement gets and the more letters the big fishes in the fashion industry receive the faster they will have to act.

BUY CONSCIOUSLY. Slow fashion is a thing and it comes in different shapes and sizes. There are many brands that are following the movement and are using natural, certified fabrics and working in factories with fair wages and working conditions. Slow fashion is sexy. Slow fashion is cool. 

BUY LESS. The amount of waste we create by throwing away our clothes every year are unimaginable. On average each American throws away roughly 70 pounds of clothing and other textiles per year, equivalent in weight to more than 200 men’s T-shirts. The prices of fashion are at an all-time low and we don’t value the clothes that we wear and throw them away after a short period. Go for quality instead of quantity.


Our founder and creative director, Pauline Treis, is country coordinator of the fashion revolution Switzerland and organises the Fashion Revolution Day Switzerland on the 29th of April in Zurich. We would like to invite you to join us for this event which celebrates all the designers, creators, brands, stores who work for a more ethical and sustainable future of fashion.

Where: Photobastei, Sihlquai 125, 8005 Zürich


13:00 - 21:00 Fair Fashion Market with over 30 sustainable brands and shops

13:00 - 17:00 Different free 30 min workshops, for program check here

13:00 - 17:00 Film screenings

18:00 - 19:00 Panel discussion about the challenges of the fashion industry and the responsibility of the consumers

19:00 - 24:00 Apéro and live music

Let's change the fashion industry together. Fashion should feel good!


The Cabo Collection is inspired by the Mediterranean Sea, its many bays and rough cliffs. The organic materials used are androgynous, yet executed in feminine fluent silhouettes. The light colour palette of whites, mints and soothing blues presents pieces that can be combined easily within your current wardrobe and puts the focus on colour and texture over trend.

Review & Outlook

Jungle Folk Fair Fashion Collection

Calling 2016 an eventful year is probably an understatement. On the global level it has been a very sad and unsettling year. It it more important today than ever to live a conscious life and to engage for a more equal world.

We are convinced that small movements like Jungle Folk - grass roots initatives which are engaged and consistent - can inspire others to stand up for their beliefs and make a difference. We encourage you to question, to discuss and to define how each and everyone of you can get involved and what impact your actions will have. We believe in global responsibility to act upon inequalities and to stand up for a fairer and sustainable world.

For Jungle Folk 2016 was a year full of positive changes. Besides nurturing our partnership with an artisanal community in Banja Luka, Bosnia, we also started working with a fair trade cooperatives in Lima, Peru. We have extended our reach by presenting Jungle Folk at the Berlin Fashion Week for the first time and working with new boutiques all over Switzerland. We launched two beautiful collections of timeless essentials and we ran a PopUp with our friends from ParkBags for six months.

We are looking forward to even more exciting news in 2017. In two weeks we will be in Berlin again, presenting the next collection at the trade fair Greenshowroom, in spring we will launch our dreamy Cabo collection and we have a series of private shopping events awaiting you. In April we will be organizing the Fashion Revolution Movement in Switzerland and are planning a mayor event with panel discussions, films and workshops. For all of our followers in the Netherlands and Germany, soon you will find Jungle Folk in Amsterdam and Augsburg!

We're starting the year 2017 full of confidence, love and motivation and wish all of you the same. Thank you for supporting us on our journey! 

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Jungle Folk fair season

In autumn Jungle Folk always stats it's little tour around some European cities for design fairs. Come and visit us in Vienna, Winterthur or Zurich in the next months!


28.10 - 30.10.2016



03.11 - 06.11.2016

Designgut Winterthur




Green Day in Zürich


25.11 - 27.11.2016



Our SS16 Collection


We dedicate this summer capsule collection to the minimalism. We made a collection out of 6 pieces, 3 dresses, a pair of trousers, a shirt and a jacket. what else do you need in summer? 

all the pieces are about feeling good in your own skin and wear clothes that reflect quality and sensuality. We mostly worked with a beautiful linin jersey fron Austria and some organic cotton popline.