On saturday 24th of august we will organize an exclusive clothes swapping party for the exchange of premium-quality, used clothes, shoes and accessories. 

And where will take place? Of course in our beautiful shop "La Casa Temporal" in Zürich and at our neighbours "Affaire 46" and "Bistro Emo"  
The Clothesswapping is for women who'd like to rejuvenate their wardrobes in an interesting and fun manner.

We're sure you're well familiar with the situation - we all have that one pair of jeans which doesn't really fit anymore or this one skirt which was very expensive and turned out to be way smaller than expected. "Forever&Again" gives clothing that you don't use anymore a second chance! Because what doesn't fit you but is still in very good condition might just please another woman. So bring your clothes (maximum 10 pieces per person) and exchange them for other unique pieces!

The Jungle Folk Team will accept all clean and impeccable clothes in advance, evaluate them and divide them in one of two categories: "Exclusive" or "Casual Cool". 
You can then swap against an item from the same category or exchange two "Casual Cool" items against one "Exclusive" item.

Clothes that weren't exchanged will be donated to the beneficial organization "Caritas". 

Look forward to an ecofriendly and unforgettable shopping experience including a tasty glass of champagne, snacks and some really good music!

As we are a sustainable fashion brand with conscious clothing we really want to initiate people to exchange their clothes in a ecofriendly way.