South Indian Handloom Cooperatives


Our passion are the pieces we develop closely with artisan communities, working with antique techniques and make limited editions of pieces which are 100% handmade. This season we worked with a community of weavers from Southern India to make some beautiful striped summer fabrics and a series of Kaftans, Tops and Trousers.

We partnered with the handloom cluster Kanhirode Weavers in Kannur. The southern Indian state of Kerala is governed by the communist party and re-elected almost ever since the 1950ies. The model of cooperatives is widespread. The 400 weavers (mostly women) working at Kanhirode are not employed but own the cooperative themselves, the turnover and profit is split equally among all members. The weavers mostly work 6-8h a day, 5 days a week. 

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The coopertive buys raw cotton yarns and dye them in VAT dyes. The water goes through a 6 step purification plant before being fed back into the water system.


400 people work at the Kanhirode Handloom cluster. Depending on the order volume they do have more or less work. Mostly they work for the national market and weave cotton fabrics for the school uniforms of Indian kids. By working with them we hope to increase their possibility to employ people all year through.