The fusion of an ancient craft like hand weaving with a contemporary material such as recycled PET results in something totally intriguing, unique and fascinating. We did it and love the result!

The technique of weaving looms are very rare as are those who know this craft. 
The time consumed for weaving a fabric by hand and thread by thread, mostly doesn't pay for itself in a world where it's only about being time and cost efficient. We from Jungle Folk are exactly looking for this kind of techniques which gives a special energy and quality to our products. The use of sustainable materials further increases the exclusivity of our products.

The thread we discovered and used on the hand loom is made out of 100% recycled materials:

First the recycled PET; We work with a Colombian company which recycles 11'000 tons of PET bottles a year, these bottles are collected by the so called "recycladores", the displaced and homeless people who earn a living out of this. 

The production of a thread made from a recycled PET bottle uses 72% less energy than the production of a new polyester thread and still has the same qualities as a new one.

This thread is mixed with recycled cotton;

The textile industry, which is relatively large in Colombia, produces yearly tons of scrap-fabrics which don't have any other use. Collecting them, cropping them into small pieces and spinning them to a new thread these rests gives them a second life in the form of a new kind of thread.

Working with Ana Cristina we designed some pillowcases and fabrics which are woven with a lot of dedication and time.
They have a minimal, calm and geometric design in blue, white, black and brown and beautiful little details such as buttons made out of coco.

The touch and energy of these pieces are unique and are now on display in "La Casa Temporal". We look forward to showing you more!