A personal Note

I hope you spend some beautiful calm days between the years. I love these days and took some time for reflections and want to share some personal thoughts with you.  

This year, the Jungle Folk community grew a lot and it has also gotten more closely knit together.
It`s this what I envision with Jungle Folk; building relationships with you, friends, family and partners as well as with the artisans and craftswomen/men we are working with.

In 2018, I visited our partners and communities in India, Peru, and Portugal to further deepen the relationship with them. These trips have confirmed to me that we are doing the right thing: that we do really have a positive impact on life and that the money we are investing in the production and materials for the Jungle Folk clothes is also flowing to the right hands. 

There is, for example, the remote village in the northeast of India, Bhagayan in the department of Jharkhand, where our peace-silk and organic-cotton fabric comes from and which I visited in March this year. The whole village is working with peace-silk, growing the cocoons, spinning the threads and weaving fabrics on handlooms in their simple houses made of clay. There is not much else of economic activity around - even agriculture is difficult in this dry region.

We are so happy that we could weave and dye over 2000 meter of fabric in Bhagayan this year, thereby giving work to some 30 people.

Photo 21.03.18, 11 50 29.jpg

Between October and November, we visited Peru and got completely immersed in the topic of the Alpaca fibre. I traveled along the production line. First trekking several days through the Andes on over 5000-meter altitude to meet „Alpaqueros“, the families herding the Alpacas. Then, we visited the yarn producers in Arequipa, where the wool is spun and dyed with low impact dyes (we use 100% natural alpaca since it comes in around 20 different shades from white and greens to browns and blacks). Finally, we spent time with the families in Lima where the JUNGLE FOLK clothes are knit and sewn.

This year JUNGLE FOLK moved to a bigger beautiful studio in Zurich where we have held two events already. We will do more of these in 2019. It’s a place where we want to welcome you always and will be happy to sit down over a cup of coffee and share experiences.

It has been an exciting leg on the Jungle Folk journey and we would not have walked it so briskly without YOU! Thank you for following and supporting us in building a community brand, developing timeless and sustainable garments for you.

I’m excited about the year to come and I wish to close this one with a big THANK YOU!