Image by talented illustrator  Sara Boccaccini Meadows

Image by talented illustrator Sara Boccaccini Meadows

Respect, Equality, Diversity

This is the year 2019 - but it feels sometimes like we could be in the last century.

On June 1991, half a million swiss women went on strike to demand an equality law. It came into force 1996 but there is still work to do for an equal society -  this is the occasion for the WOMENSTRIKE in Switzerland today. Read our thought bellow.

In 2019 there is still a "pay gap". Which means: Women get paid about 20% less than men for the same job.
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A little chronology
Womens rights in Switzerland

Only 48 years ago the universal women's suffrage was introduced in Switzerland - compared to New Zealand in 1893, Germany 1919 and the US in 1920. Formal gender equality arrived very very late here.

Only as of 1985 women were granted equal rights to men within family life. Until this date men had legal authority over their wives. Meaning that a husband could prevent his wife from working, moving or managing her money. And it's only since 1992 men that sexual abuse within marriage is considered a crime in the eyes of swiss law. 

Gender equality and equal pay for equal work had become a part of the Swiss constitution in 1980 - but numbers show that this is no reality. 

Since 2005 women in Switzerland finally have the right to 14 weeks of paid maternity leave - in contrast men who have to leave work because of the military service get their days off paid by the state since the second world war. There is a law protecting the women to keep her job after coming back from the maternity leave - and still, every 10 minutes a contract is terminated for women coming back from the leave.

We rank 20th in the international gender gap report - after Nicaragua, Ruanda and Namibia - just saying...

Sometimes I cannot really believe all these inequalities exist still in practice. And I know many women do not either. Did we become too comfortable and well off?? Numbers show us a sad reality and should motivate us all to speak up!

Think about it, read about it, talk to your friends, family and your colleagues and demand equality for all gender!

Today. Not tomorrow. Now.