Production Peru


In the autumn and winter season we have a big part of our production made by knitters in Lima, the capital in Peru. We work with different families who live spread out through the city and in the outskirts and who mostly knit in their own homes. Most of the time they come from more rural regions but came to the capital in the last years in order to look for more work. Lima is a city with 8.5 Mio habitants which makes it difficult for many to find work - the result of this is, that many are entrepreneurs and start their own business - like our knitters.

In the moment we work with around 10 families in Lima for our alpaca products. Depending on the design their are knitted on the manual knitting machine or some on the industrial knitting machine. The process of assembling and sewing the knitted panels together is then done by other families. All these partners set their own price per piece and we do not negotiate them or try to get “a better deal”. We are sure, that they know best what they need and want to support their entrepreneurial spirit. For the Christmas season we mostly take 10% of all the sales and invite them for a big dinner and they receive presents like a juice maker or products they can use in their homes.