Alpaca are these marvelous animals living in the plains of the Andes in Peru and Bolivia from 3000 to 4200km height. We work with traditional alpaca productions which means it’s not mass-produced but rather small farmers holding few alpaca’s and shearing them by hand, letting them gaze on wide open spaces. The indigenous communities have been living with Alpaca in these steppes since the earliest times.

The spinning is then made in central facilities in Arequipa to which the Alpaqueros (the Spanish word for “Alpaca farmer”) bring their wool. At Jungle Folk we buy Alpaca wool as yarn and then work with knitters for doing our knitwear collection. We also buy woven fabrics of which we do our beautiful winter coats and ponchos.

Alpaca has the quality to be very soft, lightweighted and is the only wool which does not bear any Lanolin, this makes it hypoallergenic. It is also very durabe and comes in a natural wide range of colors like no other animal fiber on earth!


Peace silk is also called Ahimsa silk, which means “nonviolence” in Sanskrit. It is animal-friendly by winning the silk through an organic process where silk fibers are reeled only after the moths are have emerged out of their cocoon; the silkworms are therefore not harmed and are enabled to live out their full life cycle. This process is extremely labor intensive, however it provides employment benefits to the weavers and their families. Another benefit is that the mulberry leaves are not treated with chemical pesticides nor is the raw silk cleaned or softened with chemical substances therefore, the silk is all organic.

We work with a GOTS certified project in the north-eastern corner of India. The remote region on Jharkhand. The silk production there is a beautiful, all artisanal made process. The work of silk worm farming, spinning and weaving mostly beeing the only source of income for whole communities.


Pima cotton is known as the world’s softest cotton and is primarily harvested in Peru. The Pima Cotton from Bergman Riviera we use in our production is entirely handpicked, even though using machines could make the process about 300 times faster and most cotton isn’t handpicked anymore since the 1950’s. Our organic cotton supplier does not only carry the GOTS label but is also fairtrade certified. They work with over 500 farmer families in three different regions of the country.

Pima Cotton is considered the superior blends of cotton and is extremely durable and absorbent. Jungle Folk wants to guarantee the best quality to its customers, that’s why we have chosen to work with Pima Cotton for our basics making them long-lasting. Fabrics made from pima cotton can be worn about 50% longer than fabrics made from conventional cotton.


Flax is a natural raw material, making linen one of the most sustainable textiles known to man. It is a very strong fibre and therefor long-lasting and we love it for its soft and cooling effect on the skin.

We work with wonderful organic linen projects from the Seine-et-Marne region in France. All our organic linen fabrics carry the GOTS label, a worldwide recognized standard for organic fibers and processes. After harvesting the linen is spun through mechanical processes. It is then woven in a traditional linen weaving factory in Belgium. Find out more about the process by watching this video from our Linen supplier.