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We love our sewn items from Lima, the bustling capital of Perú. They are made in a small workshop of 4 people who cut and sew all our Essential line pieces - like the favorite Olivia shirt and Lili Dress. They are specialists for very detailed work and through this attention, even a basic top becomes a high quality garment. We’re proud to work with these kind of partners! We visit them once a year, but are in constant contact with them through Whatsapp and our production manager Adbel Ataurima. He helps us to keep the production organised. If the sewers are missing an item like thread or labels he ensures they will get it. He distributes the fabric for the production and makes the quality control before they ship the pieces to Europe.

Next to the organic cotton pieces, we also sew our winter coats out of beautiful alpaca fabrics in Lima. This is made by another small workshop managed by Eduardo.He makes the patterns for the coats, while his sister and wife are helping him to sew the garments. They work from home and can look for they kids while working.



Located one hour north of Porto in the outskirts of the beautiful medieval city Guimaraes, TMR is our manufacturer in Portugal. Being a relative small sewing company - compared to other producers in the region - TMR was founded by Margarida Maximo in the 1998. It is run by herself, her daughter Mariana and her nephew Miguel.

TMR is GOTS certified, which means that all their processes are compliant with one of the strictest certification in the textile business regarding ecological and social processes. Many of the 30 employees have been working with Margarida from the beginning on which shows a commitment which you don’t see often in textile factories. The staff is very skilled treating a wide range of garments. All our raw materials from Europe and India are manufactured at TMR.

Having a close relationship with our partners is very important for us to . That’s why we have been visiting them a minimun twice a year. Also we work closely with them for the development of the designs - Margarida has a strong experience in pattern making and is responsible for a significant part of our production.



In the autumn and winter season we have a major part of our production made by knitters in Lima, Perú. We work with different families who live spread out through the city and who mostly knit in their own homes. Often, they come from rural regions and moved to the capital in the past years, looking for more work. The city of Lima has 8.5 million inhabitants. Competition for labor is tough, which drives many people into becoming entrepreneurs and start their own business - like our knitters.

Currently, we work with around 10 families in Lima for our Alpaca products. Depending on the design their are knitted on the manual knitting machines or some on the industrial knitting machine. The process of assembling and sewing the knitted panels together is then done by other families. We are committed to engage in a sustainable manner with all our partners. This is why, price setting with our knitters is rather a discussion what about what makes sense and how will they use their income rather than a “trying to get a better deal” negotiation. We are sure, that they know best what they need and want to support their entrepreneurial spirit. We engage socially with these families in the Christmas season, where we share our revenue with the families, inviting them for a big dinner and they receive presents like a juice maker or products they can use in their homes.

Want to write a question or note to our knitters? Please just drop us some lines here.