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Peace silk is also called Ahimsa silk, which means “nonviolence” in Sanskrit. It is animal-friendly by winning the silk through an organic process where silk fibers are reeled only after the moths are have emerged out of their cocoon; the silkworms are therefore not harmed and are enabled to live out their full life cycle. This process is extremely labor intensive, however it provides employment benefits to the weavers and their families. Another benefit is that the mulberry leaves are not treated with chemical pesticides nor is the raw silk cleaned or softened with chemical substances therefore, the silk is all organic.

We work with a GOTS certified project in the north-eastern corner of India. The remote region on Jharkhand. The silk production there is a beautiful, all artisanal made process. The work of silk worm farming, spinning and weaving mostly beeing the only source of income for whole communities.