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New Denim Dress Vaho Undyed

105.00 Regular price 175.00


100% recycled cotton from Guatemala

The Vaho Dress is a premium upcycled denim piece produced by The New Denim Project in Guatemala. Made from renewed cotton fibers sourced from unused jeans and t-shirts, it showcases a deep underarm cut, a generous H-line with a knee-length hem, and an eye-catching V-line back. This dress is perfect for sunny days and warm summer nights, offering both comfort and timeless style.

  • Straight H cut  
  • V-Line Back
  • Over the knees hem
  • Deep underarm cut

This item has been woven from 100% recycled denim by The New Denim Project and sewn by the Artisans of Casa Flor in Guatemala.
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New Denim Dress Vaho Undyed

CHF 105.00 Regular price CHF 175.00