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We love our sewn items from the bustling capital of Peru Lima. They are made with a small workshop of 4 people who cut and sew all our Essential pieces like the favorite Olivia shirt and Lili Dress. They are especialists in very detailed work and through them even a basic top is a high quality garment. We’re proud to work with these kind of partners! We visit them once a year but are in constant contact with them through Whatsapp and also through our production manager Adbel Ataurima. He helps us to keep the production there organised. When the sewers are missing an item like thread or labels he gets it for them, he distributes the fabric for the production and makes the quality control before they ship the pieces to Europe.

Next tot he organic cotton pieces we also sew our winter coats out of heavy and beautiful alpaca fabrics in Lima. This is made by another small workshop manages by Eduardo.He makes the patterns for the coats and has his sister and wife helping with sewing the garments. They work from home and can look for they kids while working.