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The Renewed Denim Collection

The Renewed Denim Collection

Sustainability is all about collaboration. Instead of trying to invent everything by 

ourselves, the key lies in using the resources and the experiences that 

already exist. Our latest addition to exciting partnerships is The New 

Denim Project, short TNDP.


Their philosophy matches our vision perfectly: "Textiles do not refer to pieces of cloth — textiles are the framework of our second skin. They involve an artistic process, a transformation of fibres, and evidence of the creative mind. Fabrics tell us stories, breathing history, telling us what is happening and where we’re going."


They are a third-generation family-owned textile manufacturer operating in Guatemala since 1956. They have specialized in woven fabrics made from recycled cotton. For this capsule collection, we have used their undyed and light blue types of denim. They use unwanted t-shirts for the white cotton threads and unwanted jeans for the blue weaves. When we visited the factory, we were in awe of this process which is all about circularity!


What does this mean in action? A circular system is one in which products are designed, manufactured, used and handled to circulate within society for as long as possible, with maximum usability, minimum adverse environmental impacts, minimum waste generation, and the most efficient use of energy water, and other resources throughout their lifecycles.


Collecting and sorting post-industrial waste from local garment factories, grounding these scraps back into fibre, to spin these once again into new yarns to weave and upcycle into new woven fabrics. 


TNDP is proud to have developed a process that is chemical-free, dye-free, and that uses minimal water and energy. They don't add any synthetic fibres and are committed to creating products that are all 100% natural and compostable - in other words, that are circular. 


Collaborating with small independent businesses around the globe isn't always easy. Many hurdles from communication to shipping restrictions have to be overcome. So having this collection at hand makes us proud and allows us to give you the opportunity to support such great initiatives with your fashion choices and keep us motivated to make these efforts again and again!