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Care & Repair


Invest in well-made garments in good-quality fabrics.
Our pieces are timeless and made in lasting, natural materials, making them a safe investment for years, and a long-term solution for your wardrobe.

Wear your clothes more than once, repair the holes and imperfections if needed, and wear with care.


You can find the wash instructions specified in the care labels inside each product, or under the 'Care' section in every product page. Follow the instructions accordingly in order to keep your garment in good shape.

Try to wash at low temperature if you use machine, or wash by hand for delicate fabrics. By washing the correct way, you can prolong the life of your Jungle Folk pieces.


Conventional detergents can contain ingredients that aren't good for you, your clothes and or our ecosystem. Phosphates in conventional laundry soaps often cause algal blooms that negatively effect ecosystems and marine life. Use eco-friendly detergents, look for labels that indicate a product is biodegradable and phosphate-free, and made from plant- and vegetable-based ingredients (instead of petroleum-based).


Even with slimline hangers, wool will stretch when hung, so it’s always best to fold your sweaters to keep their shape. That said, if you’re tight on shelf space, fold your sweater in half once and lay it over the bar of a hanger.

Hanging a wet wool sweater to dry not only invariably leads to the garment stretching in length, but can cause distortions to appear in the form of humps on the shoulders of the garment. Always flat dry wool sweaters or other knitwear if possible.


Wool and Alpaca wool is a self-cleaning fiber. The wind and sun can provide you with freshly air-dried clothes, complete with a bright, sunny smell that you cannot get in any other way. This solution can help you to become more aware of how badly you need to wash your clothes and find different solutions instead. Most of the time, this will be enough for your clothes.


Our eco-friendly clothing care service prolong the life of your Jungle Folk garments, and help to reduce fashion pollution and waste.

We offer free repair service for products 1 year after purchase. You can buy a repair fee by us for products older than 1 year. Furthermore you can buy an alteration of length for trousers and dresses 30 days after purchase.
Contact us and let us help you.