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Fashion & Sustainability Communication

Fashion & Sustainability Communication

"Rainy days should be spent at home with a cup of tea and a good book." Sais Bill Watterson, the illustrator who blessed the world with his famous Calvin and Hobbes Comics, where he explored broad issues like environmentalism, public education, philosophical quandaries, the flaws of opinion polls or studies.

Wrapped in cozy sheets and different shades of grey by this moody and rainy weather, we took Watterson's advise of a good read: The german magazine FASHION CHANGERS is focuses on sustainability issues within the fashion industry and how to use fashion as a force for good.

Their latest blog post by Medina Imsirovic about fashion communication, sustainability and greenwashing was increasingly disturbing. Their article is based on a study conducted by the London based new-outlet Retail Week, which has questioned 1000 British consumers what sustainability ment for them and who they thought were the most sustainable brands. The stirring result: H&M, Nike, Primark und Amazon. What an Orwellian twist. 

The article further explores in depth various perspectives on fashion retail communication and how big brands with big budgets outperform Small Lables with their miss-leading marketing strategies. Channeling Greta Thunberg here, we recollect that sustainability communication without a true, radically changed business model, is nothing more than a mere "blah, blah, blah".

So we took this rainy weekend to reflect on our own fashion communication and felt really grateful for the relationships with our suppliers as well as their efforts.
We are part of this journey to change fashion for the better and to make a true impact in this world.