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Fashion Revolution Week

Fashion Revolution Week

It's Fashion Revolution Week!

Fashion Revolution has become the world’s largest fashion activism movement, mobilizing citizens, industry, and policymakers through their important research, education and advocacy work. This Week honors the anniversary of the tragic Rana Plaza factory collapse in 2013. During this incident, over 1000 people died and more were injured – paying the price for cheap fast fashion clothes with their life and health. This event marked a long-overdue wake-up call that questions our consumerism and our relationship with clothes. An individual touch and a sensibility for the humans who make our clothes have been left aside through the fast-fashion industry with its rapid pace and hunger for profit. 

Since this year the movement “Fashion Revolution” fights for more transparency in the fashion supply chain. Jungle Folk and our founder Pauline have been closely engaged with the movement in Switzerland since 2016 – organizing panels, fair fashion market, flash mobs and more. Since 2014 million people have asked #whomademyclothes on Social Media. Discover the amazing program which is this year mostly held online here:

Fashion Revolution Program
Fashion Revolution Switzerland Program

Fall back in Love with your clothes!

Did you know that by extending the life of clothing for a further 9 months we would reduce carbon, waste and water footprints by around 20–30% for each? We strongly believe in building long-lasting relationships with our clothes for a more conscious and slow way of living. Through our commitment to support and respect fair cooperatives, small ateliers and artisans we cultivate a symbiotic friendship from which every participant grows empowered. Together we can take courageous actions and respond to injustice. We want to inspire you, our dear customer to invest only in clothes that you love, that you will wear and care for long and therefore have a positive effect.

Let’s live more intentionally to respect our planet earth and choose equality over revenues to protect our home and humans for future generations.